That type of photography was the first I started doing right after bought first camera. It wasn't that fancy stuff with straight vertical lines and tilt-shift lenses. It still isn't. But looks nice.

Gift for a friend, born from mundane architectural image, after some digital processing and cleanup. 60x44 cm, designed to be unique piece despite its definite reproducibility.

Very first sample from a project with my wife, Kate Hrynko. She takes images, I mess with them in different ways. 

Attempt to make that complex urban environment simpler.

My approach to minimalist architecture. Art should remain, though. No windows needed for this cruel outside world.

Big part of my work is experimenting just to understand, what if.

Sample from a commission for Kovalska Development.

Often the best things are unintentional. Original is very underexposed, so result came as a surprise. You've definitely saw that shot somewhere already.

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